We’re making money, then we’re right. Here is another problem in the industry! In my previous article on Turkish Game Industry, I explained how disgusting the industry is, and almost everyone is trying to make money by cheating. In this article, I will try to explain how disgusting they can be after making money.

Employers and managers who only dream of making money and buying a house and a car (yes, these are enough to make you an outstanding person in Turkey) instead of creating value, believe that their job is right because they are not developed and educated people. That’s why they think people who are not like them are liars. Therefore, a person who wants to improve his knowledge or do a job according to the rules in the Turkish Gaming Industry will only suffer. Doing research, drawing projects, reading articles published in this field or getting Technical advice is all a waste of money and wasted time for these people. You can’t communicate because you don’t speak the same language! On the other hand, if we look at the subject from another angle, money is not everything! As I said in my previous article, this is actually a cultural issue. Seeing a successful person, giving him money and watching his progress means only pain and sadness for these people. So what if you are still working successfully despite all the bad?

Rape your information! Yes, this is another example of disgusting behavior. Your employer or manager introduces you to the family member who doesn’t know anything and says, “What you know, you will teach him what you do”. In such a case, you will understand that the issue is not to do business and earn money anymore, but only to attack the person they are jealous of. That company wants to believe that the work done is done by the employer’s family member, not by you, look, I used the verb “believe” here because even though this is not the truth, it wants to see it like this in order to overcome the pain of its own ignorance.

Do not think that what I have just told you is limited to the Turkish Game Industry. Unfortunately, Turkish people are undeveloped and uneducated. You can see this everywhere. I will continue to share my experiences as I have time.