Some sounds are pleasant to the ear from afar. So, don’t be impressed by the sound right away and start making good comments about it. Include what you will read here. So what is this sound I’m talking about? Turkish Game Industry(!). It is mentioned in many places that he is very successful in the mobile field and that the Turks have companies that develop good games, but that is not the case. Let’s discuss this today.

To address the mobile gaming industry, we must first take a superficial look at what’s happening in Google’s Google Play store, the company that dominates the market. As far as I can see, it was 2018 when the industry started crazy because Google, as always, did the opposite of what it said and introduced a new algorithm. (You can find many discussions on this subject at this link: or It is said that this new algorithm will appear in searches by looking at the performance values of the application, but this is not true. So what is this algorithm coming in 2018? Of course, I could not answer this question at that time, but when the year was 2022, it became very clear. Google is an AD company and increasing their income is one of the goals of Google, as it is the goal of every company. That’s why the algorithm it uses in games is designed to get the most advertising revenue.

Supply and demand converged and a new beast was born. In order for this algorithm we mentioned to be successful, there must also be games that show a lot of advertisements, this allowed the games that everyone can do to come to the fore. They also gave these games a name: Hyper-Casual. I don’t believe in this type of game because they are not a game, they are just showing ads! Publishers’ focus and success in this area is not actually the success of companies that publish or develop these games. It’s just Google evil. Let every person develop games, these games can only survive with advertisements, and these games will earn advertising revenue. Google is the only company that earns the most money in every step of these steps. Here’s how big the devil is.

After briefly mentioning this mobile game industry, I come to the subject of my main article, namely the Turkish Game Industry(!). Actually, the word “Game” is too much here, so it is not different from other sectors. Such an explosion occurred because it is one of the most undeveloped among the underdeveloped countries. Both unemployment and the habit of cheating among Turks accelerated this. What do I mean? If you have lived in an undeveloped country for a long time knowing the language there, you can clearly understand what I am saying, but if you did not do what I said, it may seem like an exaggeration to you. First of all, I will deal with the pre-operation that the finance ministry in Turkey started in 2018. Money movements were ignored in Turkey, of course, when the country’s economy started the worst days in its history and the expenditures of public institutions increased, more money was needed. Before this date, there were developers or small developer groups in the playground, and these people were working like in any other country. In other words, you were earning an advertising income and you were living your life without paying taxes. However, at the end of the pursuit initiated by the revenue office, these people had to open a company and pay taxes. Of course, this led to the establishment of hundreds of game companies at once and caught the eye of every person in the country. As such, the Turkish Game Industry has become one of the other industries. In other words, people with a few thousand dollars in their pocket and who knew nothing in this field all their lives entered this field by using the their fraud features.

After the arrival of the fraudulent bosses, immorality also affected the people working in this sector and corrupted their morals, as in all other matters. If you look at the structure of companies in Turkey, the overwhelming majority are based on family. This is another disease in this community. The boss hires a few members of his family, then finds a young man in his early twenties who has done something in the field, and does every trick to scam. Since it is a country where there is unemployment and no capital, a young person who finds a job has to endure every bullying made against him. So how does this scam work? In recruitment, you are expected to have projects you have done before, and when you get hired, you are constantly mobbed. It is said that after a certain period of time, the works are not completed and the company cannot earn money, that is, the victim is played. After this stage, the employee is asked to submit their own projects. The next step, whether they give it or not, is to fire that person. The reason these companies exist is because of this evil algorithm decision by Google. Make something that shows ads and make money by advertising with a new few thousand dollars.

So why is there a fundamental development in other countries? Because honesty! So what I see is that they are not Turks. Yes, there are scammers in every country, but in developed countries, the capital owners who form the basis of those countries are not scammers. In this way, employees can do their jobs properly and a value emerges. This is what Turkey has lost and perhaps never had, honest capital owners. Of course, there are companies in Turkey that can be shown as an example and compete with the world, but their number is too few to be taken seriously in a country with a population of almost one hundred million. What is written here is my experience. If you want to contribute, you can always contact us.